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The school is run by Bharatiya Vidya Bhavan trust is governed by the Head Office, Mumbai with local management of Panchkula Kendra. The members of the local governing body consist eminent educationists, lawyers, civil servants, doctors, engineers and individuals who have made a mark in their chosen fields. The members meet periodically to advice the school scale new glories and achieve distinction of a luminary. Management believes in empowering the children with the best of education to get them ahead of the world tomorrow.

National & Worldwide

Founder Kulpati Dr. K.M. Munshi
President  Shri Surendra Lal G. Mehta
Vice President Shri Murli S. Deova
Shri Murli S. Deova
Executive Secretary & Director General : Shri H.N. Dastur

Panchkula Kendra

Founder Chairman Shri Kulwant Singh IAS (Retd.)
Former Chief Secretary, Haryana
Vice Chairman Shri Amarjeet Goyal
Shri Raj Kumar Gupta
Shri B.N. Rampal
Honorary Secretary Shri Kulbhushan Goyal
Associate Secretary : Shri Gyan Chand